Beach Portraits

Beach Portraits from Hilton Head Island is probably the best souvenir that you can take home.

We Island Photo Place photograph quite a lot of visitors every year. We love every minute of it and make sure, the best we can, to make it fun for our customers too. We understand that an hour of posing may not be easy, so we change the locations and positions mixing the posed photographs with relaxed candids. We get many compliments for arranging the sessions as well as final results.

In most cases we only schedule one photo session per day, due to the best lighting on the beach in the late afternoon. We start shortly before sunset.
Early morning session are available but not very popular. After all, it is vacation time for visitors and nobody wants to get up that early. We have only a few early sessions each season for early birds (just letting you know that this is a possibility).

If you are staying close to the beach, we will come to you and photograph you where you are. If not, we will suggest a beach or take your suggestion. The idea is - easy does it!

We photograph small families (sometimes as small as just one person), families with a new baby or a couple of small kids, families with grown up kids or teenagers and family gatherings (sometimes groups as large as 45 people), small, medium, large and extra large families.

Many times we have two or three families, not related but vacationing together. We gladly meet them and photograph them separately during one session (saves them on the sitting fee!).

We try to photograph by the sea oats first and then by the water with the Ocean as a background.

And finally, what to wear????? Khaki and white is always good and "safe" but black and white come out surprisingly good too! Jeans and white tops - go for it. Sometimes, it is difficult with larger groups to have same clothing for everyone. Try color coordination, but don't get stressed if everything fails. Bring your smiling faces for the beach portraits and that's the most important part. Ladies, please remember that it might be windy on the beach. Think about taking something for your hair (pins, hair spray, whatever...) just in case.

I would like to invite you to our small sample images galleries:

Beach Photography Groups

Beach Photography Families

Beach Photography Kids

Beach Photography Couples

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