Burkes Beach

Burkes Beach is located next to Chaplin Park. There are no amenities available except for metered parking. Very few spaces but you can also park on the street.

If you come with kids and a lot of beach stuff I suggest you pick another location. It will be cumbersome to carry a lot of things through that long sandy walkway. Needless to say, bikes will be easier to handle in other accesses (the ones with boardwalks).

Some say that there is no point to even go there. I don't agree. I find it different from other Beach Entrances for any of Hilton Head Island Beaches and stop by sometimes just for a nice view. This beach feels to me more "wild". Well..it is more wild.

Walk towards the Ocean

There is no boardwalk, which makes it nice to look at but difficult to walk. It is also rather long...But while walking enjoy the views.

Before the Beach

Another View

When you get to the beach, you'll find the familiar "Hilton Head look".

Beach View

And another look:

Another Look

This place gets crowded as well as other beaches during the summer months. After all, we have about 2.5 million visitors every year!

And this is on your way back:

Walk from the Beach

I hope you enjoyed it!

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