Climate on Hilton Head

Summer in Jarvis Creek Park

Climate on Hilton Head Island is something to look forward to! Everyone enjoys summer here. Yes, it gets very hot and humid but the ocean breeze makes it feel like "Yes! It's summer!". What amazes me here the most are sudden changes of weather during summer time. You can experience a heavy rain with black, stormy sky and sometimes within half an hour everything clears up and the sun is shining. If you took a nap you would never know why the grass is wet! It is truly amazing.

We don't have dramatic season changes over here however it it not hot all year round. It usually gets colder in winter, especially in January and February. I have seen freezing temperatures sometimes but most winters are mild and very comfortable. A little colder weather feels good after hot summer. We usually have to wear jackets or sweatshirts and that means - no winter coats.

Winter Dunes

Spring would not feel over here like in the regions with cold, snowy winters when first spring flowers try to come out before the snow melts. Everything starts blooming and trees become green again. On Hilton Head everything stays green throughout fall and winter so spring demonstrates itself with blooming flowers in late March and April.


Fall is still warm but usually not hot and islanders start enjoying some relief from the summer heat and humidity. This is a very nice time to visit Hilton Head.


The weather is a little unpredictable during the hurricane season (late summer and early autumn) as we are a coastal community. We get some heavy winds and some heavy rains, usually nothing really serious. However we take any weather warnings seriously because one can never be sure when dealing with nature.

Overall, Hilton Head Island offers a fantastic ,semi-tropical climate with possibilities for outdoor activities and sports all year round.

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