Compass Rose Park

Compass Rose Park is a very interesting place to visit by both, the Islanders and the Island visitors. It is strange that at this busy location (corner of Pope Avenue and New Orleans Road), you don't really hear all that traffic once you get inside the park. It feels like meditation place...

The Reflection Pond with a Bubbling Spring welcomes you when you enter the Park from the parking lot.


However, most visitors (walkers and bikers) enter the Park from the street and walk in through the main entrance with Pointing the Way Fountain.

Pointing the Way Fountain

Little plazas, gazebos, fountains and waterfalls make this small Park a very special gathering place. Panels with photographs and words telling the history of Sea Pines are on the walls inside the park reminding us about our history.

Secluded Gazebo

Gazebo by the Pond

Spinning Rose Fountain


You are expected to sit on the spinning compass. I didn't know that at first...

I have been on the Island long enough to remember the old restaurant being in that spot (it burned down). I am so glad that the Town bought the land and built this wonderful place to celebrate Islands history, art and human thought.

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