Cruises are really Hilton Head's "thing". Lots of them available from many Marinas in different locations. Like with Water Sports, plenty different options and plenty locations to choose from.

Over the time, we went on most of them, a couple of dolphin ones, Savannah, dinner and sunset, Dafuskie, sailboats and what not! I must say that they are fun, each serves a different purpose so just pick what you like.

These are some options:

Savannah - this is a longer one so you have to reserve half a day for it.

Daufuskie Island - not a short one either but if you want to have a look there, you must go by a boat.

Dinner - you can blend it in with your other activities. Just plan your dinner on the water!

Dolphin - this is a "must do" if you have kids with you. Many options on that one.

Sailing - check the winds before you book!

Photographic Tour - one and only! If you like to photograph nature, go for this one. Your Captain will be Dr. Watts, a retired Vet, the best one I've ever met. Photography has always been his hobby and now he is just sharing it with others.

Gator Tour - a boat tour through the lakes of Sea Pines Nature Preserve.

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