Dunes House Weddings

Dunes House Weddings are always fun to photograph. The location is right on the beach, a little house with huge deck accommodates dining and dancing. Very nice!

There is this huge deck with wooden benches by the dunes with steps to the beach. You can set up chairs for your guests between the house and the ocean.


Chairs arranged for the Ceremony


If you want to get married in Dunes House you are probably thinking about the beach Ceremony. Your guests could gather on the deck while you are getting ready in the house. When everything is set up, everybody goes down to the beach and the Ceremony begins.

Bride and Groom

Beach Ceremony

Bride and Groom

Usually we photograph the families right after the ceremony. And then it's time for the portraits. Palmetto Dunes Beaches are so perfect for that! White sand, nice dunes and if we are lucky...also some drift wood.


Best Wishes!

While we photograph the couple, the guests are enjoying drinks and appetizers. Soon the couple joins them on the deck. The Band is playing already, the dinner is being prepared.

First dance and everybody just having fun. A beautiful Wedding in a beautiful place! It just might work for you.

For more information contact Nicole Guy at 866-650-4130.

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