Folly Field Beach Park

Folly Field Beach Park is another public entrance to the world of Hilton Head Island Beaches. Not a lot of parking spaces!

See what I Mean?

We don't use it too much during the summer because it is sometimes hard to find a parking spot. However we go there a lot in the winter months. It is easy for our Chihuahuas (short boardwalk).

Short Boardwalk

How to get there?

Traveling towards the South End of the Island: make a left to Folly Field Road. When the road comes to a fork (Folly Field Road to the left, Starfish Road to the right), go to Starfish Road and you will see the park on your right.

Beach matting are in place for the wheelchairs. Restrooms and outdoor showers are in the middle of the short boardwalk.

And here is the beach:

In December

This is the building to remember in case you are taking a walk on the beach. This landmark will help you to know your exit on your way back!


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