Fresh Produce Sportswear

Fresh Produce Sportswear became quite a big enterprise. I checked their website to get some more information about the founders/owners. What I found out is that American Dream is still alive and that you can still make something out of nothing when you have a dream and work hard.
It all started with Thom and Mary Ellen Vernon selling bright T-shirts and costume jewelry on the parking lot during the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

The idea behind it was to bring summer colors and beach spirits to everyday life. worked! We now have several stores across the country, one of them is on Hilton Head, in Coligny Plaza.

The Island store is spacious and bright and reflects the original idea brilliantly.

They sell fun, colorful clothing for women 6 to 60 and fun stuff for beach and travel for the same group of shoppers.

Stop by and shop. If you enter the store in low spirits, you will leave much more enthusiastic about everything!

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