Gator Tour

Gator Tour is organized by The H20 Nature Center and takes place in the Sea Pines Resort Forest Preserve.

Sea Pines Nature Preserve

You go on a small but very comfortable boat; the tour guide makes sure that everyone is seated and ready to go, before he takes off.

Get ready with your cameras; you will for sure see alligators. Some are resting on the banks, some are in the water.

The atmosphere of this adventurous ride is quiet as the lakes in the preserve are almost still.

Our guide was knowledgeable about gators and surroundings. Do not hesitate to ask any questions! We had some additional excitement because he caught a small, very friendly green snake and let everyone hold it for a while before releasing it.

My daughter with the snake

This, one hour ride is definitely worth going to. A nice break from beach, restaurants, golfing or shopping.

Nature Preserve

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