Giuseppi's Pizza and Pasta


Giuseppi's Pizza and Pasta is a franchise but their original store was opened on Hilton Head in 1981.They are located in the mid Island, next to TJ Maxx Store. You can eat inside (choice of a table or a private booth) or outside (several tables, all taken during the season!).

Outside Tables
Oustside Dining

They truly live up to be our neighborhood pizza store. They are all about the tasty food having a nice variety of pizzas, pastas and sandwiches on the menu. It is always a difficult choice what to eat!

This restaurant is known and voted for the best pizza shop on the Island. If you try it once, you'd know why. You can taste that no corners are cut in preparing the food. Pizza and pasta are on the menu but you can also have their original Weggies (they might become your favorite sandwiches) and salads.

Hungry for Pizza? Don't even hesitate. Head to the best place on Hilton Head and enjoy. They also offer take out so you can order over the phone and have it all at home (might be handy if you are on vacation).

Pizza Time

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