Groceries are boring but necessary. I would like to make it a little easier for you by describing some possibilities.

I like Publix. There are two locations on Hilton Head. One is on South End, Palmetto Bay Road (by Staples and 24 hour Walgreen's), a second location is in the North (by Walmart).

I definitely recommend this store for seafood (always fresh and nicely displayed), fresh meats and fresh vegetables and fruits. Staff is friendly and helpful. You will actually hear "Thank you" and "Can I help you" a lot. Needless to say your cashier will most probably smile.

Another Grocery Store that we go to is Bi-Lo. The reason is - Bi-Lo is cheaper. There are two locations. One is on South End (Pope Avenue), another one is in Port Royal Shopping Plaza (by Sam's Club) - mid Island.

Fresh Market with one location, a couple of miles before Greenwood Circle), is a nice grocery store. I would be happy to shop there but it is out of the way for us. You can find there carefully chosen groceries. I remember my daughter was driving there to get apples that she liked! If it is convenient for you - go and have a look. You will probably like it.

Harris Teeter has two locations. Main Street Village and Park Plaza (by the entrance to Sea Pines Plantation). Try it if it is convenient, if not, go to Publix.

Another grocery store is Piggly Wiggly with two locations - one in TJ Maxx shopping center (next to the Mall), mid Island, and another one in Coligny Plaza (South End).

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