Hilton Head Airport

Hilton Head Airport is not a giant but we have it and we are proud of it!

Small but Neat

A small airport has it's advantages and disadvantages. When you are planning your Hilton Head vacation and want to fly all the way down here, you can. However, you will probably have to change planes unless you are coming from Charlotte or Washington.

When I checked in the beginning of November 2009 Hilton Head Island Airport was serviced only by US Airways. Delta is supposed to be back in March 2010 and hopefully flights to and from Atlanta will be available again.

Our airport is small so you will most probably be in and out very fast even during the summer. Parking lot is ample.

Parking Lot Area

There is a small Snack Bar. Only the Vending Machines but you can get sandwiches, coffee, cold drinks and candy bars/chips.

Snack Bar

Several Car Rentals are conveniently located in the same building as part of the Airport. You have just about all of them there so while you could not pick your airline...you can definitely think what to choose as far as the car rental.

I have been at Hilton Head Island Airport several times but did not fly to or from here. I actually didn't have a need or desire to fly or go anywhere since I moved permanently to the island. But I go there to greet or say "goodbye" to the guests visiting us.

Hilton Head Island Airport is nice, neat and clean. If you are into air travel, book your trip all the way down here and enjoy!

Air Travel

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