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Hilton Head Tennis is, next to golf, a very popular game on the Island. Tennis courts are everywhere, clay surface is popular here. My favorite!

Ready for the Game?

I remember well when Bjorn Borg was the champion. I loved to watch him play and admired his composure. He just stayed "cool", no matter what. I guess that was part of his success. Navratilova and Chris Evert Loyd always competing, famous John McEnroe throwing his racquets all over the courts. I used to watch all major tournaments and knew all the names. Played a lot myself too and enjoyed clay surfaces on the Island. These days, I don't play that much but still like the game.

If you are a tennis player or learning and want to improve your game while visiting Hilton Head, it might be important to you where would be your vacation home located. Of course, there are many public tennis courts on the Island, but it was important to me to have tennis courts available right where I was staying. You know...wake up, have a cup of coffee and just go out hit a couple of balls without a big fuss of planning, driving etc...

Most Folly Field Resorts have "tennis accommodation". The Island Club with nine courts (free to use for their guests) is an example.

Here are some major Racquet Clubs in different locations on Hilton Head:

Van Der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club (20 courts, clay and hard)

Van Der Meer Tennis Center (28 courts, clay and hard)

Sea Pines Racquet Club (28 courts, clay and hard)

Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center (25 courts, clay and hard)

Port Royal Racquet Club (16 courts, clay, hard and grass)

Enjoy this wonderful, fun game while visiting the Island.

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