Jarvis Creek Park

Jarvis Creek Park is our favorite park. This is one of the best places on the Island to photograph nature.

Like This

We never have time for photographing or even enjoying nature during summer months when we are very busy with our business photography. Winters are slower for us (and everybody else on the Island). This is the time to go out and photograph birds, alligators, butterflies, flowers, landscapes (and what not!).

Late Afternoon

Don't be surprised to see one of those when you visit the park. You may have to go around a little lake to spot one. Just take a walk and observe the water. Remember do not feed or aggravate them. They are wild and must stay that way. Otherwise they become a danger to us.


Ok, talking about alligators...This is a bigger one just for a little comparison. This one was resting on a golf course. My husband Jan saw him from the window and ran outside to take pictures. I wasn't home so when I came back, the beast was gone, all I saw were the images. I asked Jan "So how close did you get to him?????"

"The Beast"

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