Marriott as a Host

Hilton Head Marriott Resort and Spa as a host for your wedding:

This spacious ocean front resort with spectacular views offers quite a few options for your wedding ceremony and reception. The hotel is absolutely magnificent and you will feel special from the moment you enter the spacious, open, tastefully decorated lobby.

But..let’s talk about the wedding venues. Those make Marriott as a Host for your wedding very interesting.

Basshead Deck is your first outdoor option. There is a lot of space, enough for 300 guests. You have the ocean right in front of you and the hotel behind you. It is not very private but it gives your guests a lot of room. You can have your ceremony and the reception there or you can get married on the beach and use the deck only for the reception. Indoor backup space is provided in case of bad weather.

Basshead Deck

Bullhead Lawn and Deck is another outside option. It is just perfect for smaller weddings. Perfectly situated right by the ocean, a little away from the hotel this location gives you a lot of privacy and is really charming. It is ideal for a cocktail hour after the ceremony. Your guests will be able to use a little lawn area and if needed also some space by the small pool right of the deck. Private, cute, charming. Thumbs up!

Bullhead Lawn and Deck

Bullhead Lawn and Deck up the Stairs

Marriott offers very impressive options for inside events. The most unique is The Café with lots of space, lots of windows, elevated dance floor. This wedding venue is definitely something you should see before making your final decision. Your guests will not be overwhelmed with space although the room is specious but at the same time you will not be crowded even with up to 200 guests.

Marriott also offers two ball rooms to accommodate big weddings. One is huge the other one is smaller.

The Junior with elevated ceilings and skylights will fit up to 200 guests. If you consider a ball room for your wedding you should see them both however they do not offer ocean views…

There are a few more details I would like to mention that could make your life easier:

Spa on the premises offers special packages for the brides.There is an outside and also indoor pool plus fitness center.The resort offers special programs for kids.

In Marriott we met with Melainie Allen, catering manager who has a lot of experience in organizing weddings on the island. She took her time showing us around and explaining different possibilities. You will enjoy taking with her, she is very professional, open and friendly. If you like the Resort (oh you will!) and the location suits your preferences and budget give her a call 843-686-8476.

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