Michael Anthony's

Michael Anthony's is the best or one of best Italian Restaurants on the Hilton Head. It is located on New Orleans Road (South End of the Island).


Entrance (Holiday Season)

Michael Anthony’s is wonderful dining experience. Good atmosphere, tasteful decor, superb food and more than excellent service.

Great Atmosphere

We went to Michael's for dinner – my husband, our daughter (18) and I. We all ordered pasta. My daughter and I both had salad and shared one dish. It was more than enough for both of us.

The waiter was very accommodating and asked the chef to serve it on two plates. (We didn’t have to fight!)

I never thought that pasta could taste so delicious and I know that, no matter what, I will never be able to create that dish at home. I bow to the chef! And…we will have to keep going back.

My daughter commented on the waiters: tall, dark and handsome. Wow! Our waiter was very knowledgeable about all dishes and was giving us more information than we could understand. He was also elegant, charming and handsome like the rest. We were all impressed with the waiters: professional, efficient, and observant.

When they took my daughter’s salad plate and her dinner fork, a waiter came by moments later and quietly replaced it. If you’ve ever had a waiters who asked too many questions while you were busy chewing and couldn’t respond or lingered too long, but when you need them they are nowhere in sight-you won’t find that here!

So if you like Italian (or are looking for Mr. Right!), Michael Anthony’s is a “must experience.”Be prepared to spend $20.00 to $30.00 per dish plus a fat tip for your waiter but it will be money happily spent!

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