Photographers on Hilton Head Island? Your head will spin after you search on Google. Many!

I would like to tell you about us Island Photo Place and our mission.

Island Photo Place is just my husband and me. Both of us were involved in photography since we were kids. So we both developed black and white photos some time ago...This is how it all started.

For the last thirty years we have been photographing weddings, family gatherings and beach sittings, nature, pets, real estate, sports and corporate events. For the past ten years we have been doing that on Hilton Head.

We especially take pride in photographing weddings and families.

This is a small sample gallery illustrating a wedding that we photographed. I just picked a few images from each "category" - getting ready, ceremony, family portraits, bride and groom and reception.

Over the years we got to know very well a lot of Wedding Venues on the Island.

I hope my pages describing different options will be helpful to you.

Here are some Wedding Venues illustrated with our photographs from different weddings in different locations.

Dunes House Weddings in Palmetto Dunes

Crowne Plaza Weddings

Westin Weddings

Liberty Tree Weddings

But let me share with you my thoughts about getting married, weddings, family life.

I think that a Wedding Day is the most important day in our lives. This is the day when we become responsible not only for ourselves but also for another life and maybe future lives, a family.

When we are invited as photographers to photograph a wedding we are every time faced with a big honor and a huge responsibility. You cannot see your own wedding. You will see it through our eyes and cameras. Understanding this we give it a 1000% to capture every moment of your ceremony and everything after.

Ceremonies are emotional. We try to reflect the best we can "how it really was". If you are crying we will photograph tears, if you are smiling, we will photograph smiles. When your eyes are closed for the prayer, this will be on the images. Time to shoot posed portraits for "above the mantel" (important as well) are after the ceremony.

As your photographers, we make sure that we have enough time and opportunity to have just the two of you for "the portraits". Whether it is on the beach or in any other surrounding, it is important for me that we create images for you that will last for generations.

All family pictures are of big importance as well. We usually photograph all families and friends as well as wedding party, before your portraits. This way after we are done, they can go ahead and enjoy the reception while we are taking your portraits.

In the meanwhile we try to take as many candid shots as possible. They reflect the atmosphere, show how you and your guests were having fun and enjoying.

We also like to photograph the receptions and capture some more traditions and fun.

I hope you enjoyed my sample wedding gallery. Please visit our website Island Photo Place to view images from different weddings and learn more about our photography.

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