Pinckney Island

Pinckney Island is a National Wildlife Refuge. It was created to protect wildlife but hiking and biking is permitted. There are several trips anybody can take however it is good to know ahead of time that restrooms or drinking water are not available on the island. Pets are not allowed and there are restrictions to fishing and shell-fishing (only from boats).
Here are some suggested trips you may want to take while visiting:

Ibis Point - 1.2 miles round trip
Shell Point - 4.6 miles round trip
Starr Pond - 2.0 miles round trip
Osprey Pond - 3.0 round trip
Nini Chapin and Barker Ponds - 3.6 miles round trip
Bull Point - 5.00 round trip
Dick Point - 7.4 miles round trip
Clubhouse Pond - 6.2 miles round trip
White Point - 7.8 miles round trip

We have been there several times over the years. I do not advise visiting the island on very hot days. But cooler days are perfect for staying there a few hours to enjoy the serenity of this wildlife refuge. If you like to observe and/or photograph nature, this is a perfect place!

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