Rental House as a Host

Rental House as a Host for your wedding is an interesting idea to consider. Ocean front is the best!

They are expensive to rent but you have to consider that a rental house, besides being your wedding venue, also takes care of your accommodation while you are staying on the Island (maybe a honeymoon?). Your family can stay with you in the house, this is how it is usually arranged. Most of the times couples rent a beach house for their wedding and get married on the beach, in front of the house.

Reception is relatively easy to organize and not very costly. Usually caterers take care of that.

Recently we photographed a very special wedding. Yes, bagpipes!

This family rented a house for the wedding (in the Surf Watch neighborhood). Getting ready seems always easy in the house, you have everything and everybody in place (even your dog!).

The ceremony was on the beach and after that everybody returned to the house for the reception dinner.

We took some pictures in front of the house.

So...what do you think? Would something like this work for you? Well, of course, minus the bagpipes unless you are also Scottish.

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