RV Parks

There are two upscale RV Parks on Hilton Head.

Harbor RV Resort and Marina located in the North End of the Island, on Jenkins Road and



Outdoor Resort in the South End, on Arrow Road.



When we decided to move permanently to Hilton Head, we sold our house in New Jersey, bought a motor home, stored furniture and headed south on 95. It sounds so easy. Well...it wasn't but after the decision was made, everything started to fall into places and we were finally ready to go. The destination was Hilton Head Island, we had planned a huge, two months vacation (wow! I want to do it again!), life looked promising.

We were not familiar with motor home parks on Hilton Head but knew where they were. We picked Arrow Road and made reservations. When we arrived and actually checked in, we just loved the place. Looked like a tropical garden. We stayed there for one month and then moved to the other Island location - on Jenkins road. Had to try them both!

Rent was comparable between the two of them. I would like to mention that it was not cheap. To park a motor home was equal to renting a two bedroom condo (long time rental). But it worked for us in the beginning, we were not sure if we wanted to buy or rent and where on the Island.

For someone just vacationing, it is definitely less expensive to come in a motor home and stay on the campground versus renting a villa or a house on short time basis.

We lived in our motor home for two months and loved every minute of it. Especially knowing that this time we were staying on Hilton Head for good!

Both RV Parks are wonderful places. I personally liked Jenkins Road Road better because of Sunset Grille on premises.

Both places are Pet Friendly


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