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A vacation Home in Sea Pines Plantation? Perhaps...Sea Pines is the oldest, the largest and the most prestigious gated community on the Island. Prestige comes not only from age and size but also and mainly from what it stands for.

Sea Pines was built 50 years ago with a very beautiful thought behind it - to create a community for permanent residents and visitors, that would not destroy but blend into the natural environment. This is when Sea Pines prestige begun.

Looking at it now you can still see and appreciate how it started. Buildings, houses, villas - they all blend into the natural beauty of this land.

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In order for you to decide whether you want your vacation home to be in Sea Pines, read on...

It is not only about the cost. Sea Pines features a lot of places that you cannot find anywhere else on Hilton Head. Needless to say - Hilton Head Golf Courses. First is the one and only. Harbour Town Golf Links hosting a famous Verizon Heritage Tournament.There are two more golf courses Ocean Course and Heron Point by Pete Dye.

Some golf packages include the cost of accommodation and play at discount rates.

One place that you don't want to miss, while visiting Hilton Head, is Harbour Town with fabulous shopping and dining and a famous Lighthouse.It is worth it to climb on top and admire the view!


On Top

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You must also visit South Beach Marina Village with Salty Dog Cafe.

Sea pines is a self sufficient community. I mean once you get there, you don't have to go though the gate until you are ready to head back home.

Grocery stores, gas station, movie theater, boutiques and soivenirs, water sports, cruises, horse back riding, Golf with a capital"G" and Tennis, Restaurants (some are the best on the Island) and what not! Visit Lawton Stables and a Petting Zoo. Go for a ride (no experience necessary for a trail walk) or just bring the kids to have a look.

Petting Zoo

Going back to vacation home rentals - Sea Pines is very attractive if you are looking for those attractions. Rental prices vary depending on - when, where and what. When=season or not, where=how far from the ocean, what=how big is the house.

A large ocean front home could run $8000.00 and more per week but 2nd row could be a lot less.

Something to consider is Lands End. Nice, small, very quiet community located at the very end of Sea Pines (and Hilton Head).

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