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The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa is where we love to photograph weddings. The location is beautiful and classy, accommodation is friendly and the events there always go smoothly, according to plan, no surprises. Last summer there was a few we photographed at Westin.
I want to tell you about the one that will give you a good idea about this fabulous location.

Our clients were of course guests of the The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa. When we met them to start photographing "getting ready part", the girls just came back from Heavenly spa (you should have seen them!), all beautiful and relaxed. Usually we don't see that before the weddings....(beautiful but not relaxed).
I stayed with the bride and the girls in a "mirror room". The room was perfect for them to relax even more, have a snack (yes they did!) delivered to the door and get dressed. A bright, sunny room with an ocean view and mirrors on one wall. We took our time - they to get ready, me to photograph them.

At the same time the groom and the guys went to the on site restaurant "Turtles" (how convenient!). Jan, my husband went with them to photograph the guys getting ready and that means the guys having a drink (drinks??), talking , laughing, having a good time.

It was a beach wedding. Everybody and everything was ready on time. After the beach ceremony, there was a table with cold water and drinks at the exit from the beach (much needed in the heat). Every little detail was thought of - thanks to the excellent service of this facility.

The reception took place in Westin too. All ready on time, no waiting, no hassle, perfect food and choice of deserts rarely seen anywhere. The bride and groom, now husband and wife were very pleased with their stay in the Westin, happy with their choice of their wedding venue, satisfied how everything turned out. That's because it was perfect!

I am always pleased when we photograph couples getting married in Westin as a Host.

This hotel (thanks to the beautiful facility and professional stuff) has it all mastered and it is just a pleasure for us to photograph there.

I hope to be their guest soon, maybe on my next birthday??? Heavenly Spa sounds like "Heaven" especially that I love spas (hey, who doesn't???). This sounds like a good plan....

I recommend The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa for anybody, for any occasion!

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